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Whoo-wee, time for more updates on the way, and this pertains to characters, their default and alternative outfits and much, much more in this update. Without further introduction, let's do this!

Characters and Outfits

So I've been drawing my characters lately, and even redrawing older sketches of characters in their outfits (which were seriously needing a tune up). So far, I am confirming the following characters and their outfits, and even the ages they wear them:

Symbiotic Fighter: Amber Richards (Default Dress, 16)
Dark Rider: Amber Richards (Futira Short Tank Top and Skirt, 19)

Star-Gifted Goddess: Eideale (Default Dress, Ribbons and Rings, 13)

Brigade Captain: Dralius Dusk (Virioena Visit Outfit, 22)

Tribal Fighter: Ralia Miriaka (Tribaria Outfit, 20)
Free-Runner: Ralia Miriaka (Futira Parkour Suit, 23)

Performer: Destati Minill (Default Dress, 19)
Brawler: Destati Minill (Futira Wrestler Suit, 22)

Pure-Hearted: Za'anaturu Mikita (Tribaria Outfit and Wrappings, 19)
Abandoner: Za'anaturu Mikita (Moden Akamia Arts Suit, 22)

Genderfluid: Virgil Elric (Default Top Tights and Shorts, 18)

Naga Twins: Lucas and Delia Forrest (Default Village Outfits, Naga Form, 18)

Tar-Controller: Tara Vaughn (Default Shirt and Pants, 25)

Jester: Lester MacDonald (Jester Suit and Mask, 21)

Child: Distortion (Toddler Clothes, 6)
Pre-Teen: Distortion (Overalls and Boots, 12)
Teen: Distortion (Suit and Tie, 14)

Spirited Warrior: Exzerila Gionne (Armor and Claws, 21)

Concealer: Nadia Galaxia (Male Clothing Disguise, 13)
Home-Runner: Nadia Galaxia (Female Jogger Clothing, 16)

Private Investigator: Albert Knoxville (Jacket and Pants, 29)

Innocence: Dawn Knoxville (Default Outfit and Skirt, 12)

These are the many outfits that I'm doing so far, and I cannot wait to redraw some of them. The ones in bold are up to date, of course, and the ones not in bold are currently being remade into newer versions of them.

Strongest Character in my Roster?

Sometimes even I wonder who the strongest character in my roster is overall, and which character in-universe will be the strongest of any of them. Is it Stephen Kennedy? Eideale? Mr. K? Kairi? Who may it be? No one will know for sure yet...

Destati: From Performer to Wrestler

Destati, over her career, hit a bump as a performer when she broke her back during a performance, which left her paralyzed forever, or so she thought. As she was being wheel-chaired by her beloved Mitzy, she had been seeing visions of her new fear, performing. However, the most miraculous thing had happened as a fight between two wrestlers came in the hospital (one was visiting their father, the other, their friend). Mitzy tried pulling Destati away but...

The two wrestlers slammed onto Destati, breaking the wheelchair, but oddly not breaking Destati's back. Instead, the two fixed up her back. When she got a check-up on the back just minutes later, it was revealed the two re-aligned her own back and made it better for her. Destati was so happy and relieved that she was able to be able to move, and went to see the wrestlers, both of whom she did NOT charge for anything.

Instead, she asked if she could become a wrestler like them, and the rest is history. Though comical how she regained her bodily movements, it's better than the alternative for her.

Valdura Head Slims

As evident by Za'anaturu when she turns around the age of 20, Valdura have these small little things on the top of their heads, usually ranging from one to four different strands, which are like organs for sensing others near them. This is specifically to feel any disruptions within the wind, water and ground (if not evident by shaking), and allows them to react with swift reflexes.

These are not eyes, and they are very visible on bald Valdura, but not as visible on haired and long-haired Valdura. They appear on both male and female Valdura, too, and can stick out so far to be similar to their "horns".

Their slims are only able to come out once a Valdura has reached either complete sexual maturity or age maturity. Depending on Valdura, it could be as early as 15 when they fully develop or 20 (the limit) when they fully develop.

Miniss Diadacus Tails

The Miniss Diadaci have tails. However, these tails are more akin to very short, stubby tails, similar to a rabbit's. However, the tail isn't covered with fur, but it is covered in a bit of hair (though by a tiny amount) like the back is. This just adds to a Miniss Diadacus' cuteness overall. 2'00'' tall, makes cute chirps, have cute faces. What isn't there to like about these adorable pets?

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