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Hooray for these, am I right? Now first, I'll just say I'm going to start using more of my cartoon-y style alongside my normal one, and second, I've gotten back to drawing traditional once more, alongside my digital.

Now for character updates, I've decided to take back Exzerila and Azalea in my roster of characters, along with making them part of Requiem D.'s species. They are of similar nature, type, etc. and are no longer Zalgo children, due to me being out of Creepypasta. Talking about species for a moment, I've decided to bring back the Kkonta, Eknz, Farnae and Avianis (formerly Ratella), since those four were my favorite species that I formerly had, including Diadaci and Schatten.

Talking about characters for a moment, I've decided to create 9 new characters based from my species and others, and brought back one character from the depths. These characters all are:

Ventus Galaxia - A tall Diadacus female who tops at 6'7'' tall and is only 1/4 Diadacus, the rest being human genetics. She is still capable of using her arms as tendrils, however.

Tritanna Velia - An abnormally tall half-deity that is about 7'9'' tall and is capable of extreme speeds and strength.

Eleiaxia Ysel - A male Avianis who tops at 5'6'' and uses his wings to get around. His body is covered in fur, save for his head, neck, upper shoulders and member. His fur and wing color is brown, and his hair color is black.

Tiffany Daniels - A young girl, the sister of Stephen Daniels, who can breathe and control fire, as well as control thunder, water, ice and earth. She is only 4'3'' by the time she's 18.

Muktakl Huka - A male Eknz who is abnormally large for his species, being a tall 5'7'' for him. He wears an abnormal set of clothing.

Jiginka Fredrick - A male Kkonta who is about 6'. He is a homosexual and wears female clothing most of the time, though is able to swim quite fast.

Beluos Io - A female, spotted, half-lamia who can freely shift forms. Normally, she's 6'2'', while as a lamia, she can actually grow up to a length of 75' long, due to having anaconda-based lamia blood.

Nihilas Jikal - A female of Requiem's species, who is also half of it as she can shift her own form as she pleases. She is actually one of Requiem's sisters, the middle one at that, and reaches 5'2''.

Uluoso Higenkotl - A female Farnae who is only about 2' tall normally and can only grow to be 4' tall. Not only is she capable of flight, but her body can also contort itself to be able to fill herself with food, of which she loves to eat a lot of.

Annabelle/Orchid Kennedy - As Bethany, she's a female who will grow about 6'3'', but as Orchid however, she can actually change it to where she can be a female or hermaphrodite. She is the younger twin sister of Dawn Kennedy, too.

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Requiem-of-Ice has started a donation pool!
307 / 100,000
My goal is to get 100,000+ :points:. I will do point commissions for those who want to have them done. If you want a point commission done, then tell me if you want one.


Sketch: 5 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 7 :points:
Lineart w/background: 10 :points:
Color: 13 :points:
Shaded: 15 :points:

Sketch: 7 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 10 :points:
Lineart w/background: 15 :points:
Color: 20 :points:
Shaded: 23 :points:

Sketch: 10 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 15 :points:
Lineart w/background: 20 :points:
Color: 25 :points:
Shaded: 30 :points:

Half Body
Sketch: 15 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 20 :points:
Lineart w/background: 25 :points:
Color: 30 :points:
Shaded: 35 :points:

Knee Up
Sketch: 20 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 25 :points:
Lineart w/background: 30 :points:
Color: 40 :points:
Shaded: 50 :points:

Full Body
Sketch: 20 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 30 :points:
Lineart w/background: 40 :points:
Color: 50 :points:
Shaded: 60 :points:

Complex Pose
Sketch: 30 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 40 :points:
Lineart w/background: 50 :points:
Color: 70 :points:
Shaded: 100 :points:

Additional Characters
Every additional character is 10 :points:, each. The maximum you can ask for is 20 characters.

Comics (1-3 Pages): 125 :points:
Comics (3-7 pages): 250 :points:
Comics (7-15 Pages): 500 :points:
Volume Comic (15-20 Pages): 1000 :points:

What I WILL do:
-Pregnant Women
-Soft Yaoi/Yuri (Kissing, Clothes On or some exceptions)

What I WON'T do:
-Soft Vore (No Digestion, Eaten Whole)**
-Hard Vore (Digestion and Chewing)
-Waste Fetishes
-Non-Humanoid Animals

*Note that I will probably get a tumblr or something and link you to the image via notes.
**Note that I won't do Soft Vore because that's what I will do on MY OWN TIME. That and I'm trying to learn it.

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Hello everybody, welcome to the Requiemic page! This is where you get to see a lot of cool artwork and literature. I hope you enjoy your stay.

I really love playing as Link in Super Smash Bros., because I believe that Link is one of the best characters of the series. I am also a BIG fan of RE, SH and CoD, and I love doing some cool activities at times.

My Likes: Creepypasta, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Slender: The Eight Pages, Minecraft, Kingdom Hearts, Call of Duty, Bunnies, Cats, Dogs, Turtles, Markiplier, PewDiePie, Tobuscus, MarbleHornets, TribeTwelve, etc.

My Dislikes: Campers in Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Trollpastas, Art Thieves, People in the Smash Community using "Top Tier Characters", Haters, My Little Pony, Certain Horror Movies, "Know-It-Alls", Hackers, etc.


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