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Okay, now in The Fourth Dimension, it takes it to a realistic kind of level, and since I'm drawing a thing pertaining to how characters would be portrayed (as in peoples' CP / SV OCs), I decided to tell you about how I would portray and interpret them, so here are the following ones, and this will be updated on a day-to-day basis, like my drawing:

Slender Doll Ally:

Now, as you've all seen, I've drawn Ally like a very grotesque, walking bound of muscle, similar to a zombie; and that's what she actually is, a zombie. However, she isn't a normal type of zombie, as she was revived by a cultist ritual after having died pretty much the same way as her creator had her die in the first place; being hacked to pieces. Now, due to Slender Man's absence in the Fourth Dimension, she lacks anything regarding his symbol, as seen on her dress, and even lacks the turning key (due to basically Creepypastas being non-existent, save for the OCs).

Now, her purpose in the series, if put in, would be that she would constantly hunt a young body, which was full of life. This body just so happens to be none other than Liu himself. She plagues Liu with nightmares, and whenever Liu is around the forest, she will try coming to kidnap him and take his body in a ritual.

If she succeeds, her old body would turn into dust because of the lack of a soul, and Liu's soul wouldn't be able to fight back the other one, and would be locked away deep within him, while Ally essentially becomes the boy and lives out a life she always wanted; one where she could finally be alive once again, and without the torture of death lingering. But for Liu, he would only watch as he fell asleep within his own body, and never controlling his body with his own soul again.

And no one would really know the difference...

Nancy Gale / Nemesis:

Coming up next is Nancy Gale, or Nemesis, and she also drastically changes because of Slender Man's absence in the series. So, instead of being a Proxy, she claims to be under the control of a "higher being" and is sentenced to the mental institution to get the help she needed. After such violent attacks on other residents there, she was soon brought into a solitary room, and the workers were very careful with her, and didn't want to aggravate or excite her. Of course, another feature of her that happened was that she was burned by one of her roommates, in one of her eyes. As a result, she was blinded and blackened in that eye and had her skin marred by the burns.

Her purpose in the series is that later on, Liu would break into the institution, trying to investigate claims of any abuse toward the subjects, and finds records of one Nancy Gale within files upon files. He soon looked around and found where she was, simply mumbling to herself. With the help of another person accompanying him, he managed to unlock the door and free Nancy, only to sneak her away from the area completely, and take her into his home.

Once at his home, Liu's mother, Dianne, would be there to take care of and try to help the insane Nancy from the fallacy of the world, in her own way. If she succeeds or not, it remains unknown...

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My goal is to get 100,000+ :points:. I will do point commissions for those who want to have them done. If you want a point commission done, then tell me if you want one.


Sketch: 5 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 7 :points:
Lineart w/background: 10 :points:
Color: 13 :points:
Shaded: 15 :points:

Sketch: 7 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 10 :points:
Lineart w/background: 15 :points:
Color: 20 :points:
Shaded: 23 :points:

Sketch: 10 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 15 :points:
Lineart w/background: 20 :points:
Color: 25 :points:
Shaded: 30 :points:

Half Body
Sketch: 15 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 20 :points:
Lineart w/background: 25 :points:
Color: 30 :points:
Shaded: 35 :points:

Knee Up
Sketch: 20 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 25 :points:
Lineart w/background: 30 :points:
Color: 40 :points:
Shaded: 50 :points:

Full Body
Sketch: 20 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 30 :points:
Lineart w/background: 40 :points:
Color: 50 :points:
Shaded: 60 :points:

Complex Pose
Sketch: 30 :points:
Lineart w/detail: 40 :points:
Lineart w/background: 50 :points:
Color: 70 :points:
Shaded: 100 :points:

Additional Characters
Every additional character is 10 :points:, each. The maximum you can ask for is 20 characters.

Comics (1-3 Pages): 125 :points:
Comics (3-7 pages): 250 :points:
Comics (7-15 Pages): 500 :points:
Volume Comic (15-20 Pages): 1000 :points:

What I WILL do:
-Pregnant Women
-Soft Yaoi/Yuri (Kissing, Clothes On or some exceptions)

What I WON'T do:
-Soft Vore (No Digestion, Eaten Whole)**
-Hard Vore (Digestion and Chewing)
-Waste Fetishes
-Non-Humanoid Animals

*Note that I will probably get a tumblr or something and link you to the image via notes.
**Note that I won't do Soft Vore because that's what I will do on MY OWN TIME. That and I'm trying to learn it.

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Now there's not much to my page. I'm simply just a man who loves to do art on his own accord and loves to try newer things out with it, and experiment. I mostly do digital art, but I can also do traditional art as well. I'm one who's into literature and video gaming and have some things to do as such.

Once you get to know me, you'll really like me as a person~

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